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Goblin Market
Sickeningly Addictive!
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thank you!, fanWOMAN
nocturniquette1  passed along this link where you can feed animals at a shelter just by clicking. A few clicks from you-and the sponsors do the rest!

thank you!, fanWOMAN
just walking lightly through the grass. I blinked, looked again...yep. First time I've seen deer in years.I feel kind of pleased because animals and sad because you know it's because they're getting pushed out.

They've moseyed along now. Hope they make it to the woods ok.
thank you!, fanWOMAN
but I have a hard time making up my mind. I hate wasting my time on bad movies but you can't really trust reviews...and fandom's collective judgement has failed me many times. Many!

...maybe The Hitman's Bodyguard, if it's playing here. Dunkirk looked interesting. I didn't see the first 2 Despicable Me movies, so the new 1 isn't a good option right now. IDK.

I just need to get out of the apartment.
thank you!, fanWOMAN
for the first time. I think I'll get some more sauce at work today & top it up when I get home-it made a lot more than I thought it would. I will have spaghetti for days...!

I forgot to take the cream cheese out to let it warm to room temp first. From what I'm seeing in recipes, that's suggested so the ingredients mix better, not for safety reasons (food poisoning!). But most of that refers to baking desserts. It seemed to mix well enough. I've made baked spaghetti before, just not with cream cheese in it.

I'm not sure I have enough storage containers. Zip lock bags,  here we come.
thank you!, fanWOMAN
got distracted, accidentally let it boil, and yeah. Not good.

Welp. Learning experience!
thank you!, fanWOMAN
and it's looking good. I can already see how to do it better next time; but it's not a difficult recipe. However...

I used a carton of chicken broth that I had in the cupboard and it may have been opened & partially used, previously. The little silver liner on the top wasn't there; but I don't know if this brand has one or if it just relies on the plastic around the cap.

I can't imagine why I'd put an open carton in the cupboard & not the refrigerator. But if I did, I have no idea when it was... am concerned about food poisoning, per usual.

I really have no business be let out on my own.
thank you!, fanWOMAN
Mixed bag of crude & lyrical. Interesting insight on Wright's emotional state as he observes surroundings, and unexpected that he wrote these at all-and so many.

Definitely worth checking out, whether you like this author or poetry. Too many that I liked to quote all of them, but here's a few:

I feel autumn rain
Trying to explain something
I do not want to know.

A blacksmith's hammer
Beating the silver moon thin
On a cool spring night.

With shy yellow smiles,
Baby pumpkins are hiding
Under yellow leaves.

I am paying rent
For the lice in my cold room
And the moonlight too.
thank you!, fanWOMAN
I have a bad habit of freezing meat, then taking it out & putting it in the refrigerator to thaw, and then...is it ok? Does the time clock immediately pick up and boom, you're past expiration date? Will I find out when I end up hurling and in the hospital? This inquiring mind wants to know!

I had pork ribs thawing out for 2 days & this is the 3rd. So, say it took 2 days to thaw thoroughly, then...it should be ok. I rinsed it off & smelled it, didn't get an immediate phew off of it.

I need to just buy when I'm ready to cook & never mind the sales. I don't like playing food roulette!
12th-Jul-2017 11:22 pm - #3- After: Poems, by Jane Hirshfield
thank you!, fanWOMAN
I only liked a couple of them. I've read individual poems by Hirshfield at poetry comms that I liked; but this collection struck me as meh. Doesn't mean you might not like it.

But if you do I'll question your judgement.
thank you!, fanWOMAN
The animals have come down from the hills
and through the forests and across the prairies.
They are American animals, and carry with them
a history of their slaughter. There's not one
who doesn't sleep with an eye open.

Out of necessity the small have banded
with the large, the large with the large
of different species. When dark comes
they form an enormous circle.

It's all, after years of night-whispers
and long-range cries, coming together.

To make a new world the American animals
know there must be sacrifices. Every evening
a prayer is said for the spies who've volunteered
to be petted in the houses of the enemy.
"They are savages," one reported,
"let no one be fooled by their capacity for loving."
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