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Goblin Market
Sickeningly Addictive!
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all before 10:30am today. I'm more annoyed &...strangely hurt by the casual rudeness than the almost accident. The one was, well, accidental (though the fellow's obliviousness is worrisome). But the other was deliberate & not necessary.

I turned into a street they were trying to close off, in the wrong lane because I was disoriented by the cones, sun in my eyes, traffic on my tail-only had a moment to commit to a course. Instead of telling me to go on through to the library parking area which was open but that I couldn't come back out that way, he was really rude about it. Scolding, dismissive, repeating himself like I was an idiot, just an unnecessary way to handle it.

I would have argued back but I didn't want to get hauled out of my car & further hassled. You never know these days what they'll do, & it was right in front of the police station. So. I'm wishing inconvenient explosive diarrhea on him for a day or two. Maybe karma will kick in.
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had a nice time. Came back Wednesday morning & went into work in the afternoon, typical routine...

...and then a water main on a major street busted. Flooded a good area & took down the water for much of the surrounding area. Big enough event to make it onto NPR.

They got the water running sluggishly around 1am & worked on improving the pressure throughout the day, elevated water tanks etc. But there was a boil water alert on until late Friday afternoon.

Now. I work, as some of you know, in a grocery store deli. We were one of the very few businesses that stayed open during this emergency, so you can imagine how extremely busy we were as people came in from all over to get water & food. They kept coming in waves, up until around 9pm or so, as they got home & found water out, went looking, we were open, etc. Again & again. So many businesses-and schools-were closed, lots of extra people at home.

And how, you might wonder, did we manage with a boil water alert on? We always have a supply of bottled water on hand in case of emergencies, so there was that. We had to pick & choose what to clean properly & what could be left-dishes, absolutely yes. Floors, no. Not enough water to go around, had to use Q-San on what we could. We boiled water in the bakery's rice cooker.

Then, when the water came back up, we boiled water in our ovens because we needed the quantity. Takes much longer but you could get enough to fill a sink or two at a time. But you couldn't necessarily cook anything else you needed.

The customers were at least appreciative enough that we were open at all so we didn't get many complaints. That was nice, about the only bright spot in the mess of these last few days.

I had to close the kitchen on Friday. I was SO glad the water was usable by the time I had to clean the equipment. It's hard enough as it is.

I'm used to much better disaster preparedness, coming from Florida. When you have to keep explaining to people that no, they shouldn't drink the water because of possible contamination that might contain fecal matter & yes, that includes ice from soda fountains & slushies, over & over...I boggle. Does nobody remember the romaine lettuce tragedy? Do they not understand the word "contamination"? Don't know what "fecal" or e coli means?

and I still have to get through the rest of my 7 day shift before I get a day off. Yikes.
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with andouille sausage & smoked ham mixed in with the seasonings (garlic, green peppers, onions, celery, thyme, cayenne pepper, bay leaves & kosher salt). Smells really good. I went in & mashed up some of the beans to make it creamier & it tastes good, too-got a bit of a kick, but it might be too salty for others.

Well, that's what the rice is for. No salt at all in the rice & it'll even out. Freezes well, too, which is helpful, given that I kind of...doubled the recipe. Or more. I got carried away.

It feels good to make something again. Now I have to try this recipe I found for baked cheese ravioli with alfredo sauce, pesto, lots of cheese, spinach & artichoke. At work I was told, "If you try it, don't feel shy about bringing it in." #lmao I think I'd add tomatoes, mushrooms & onions to it, maybe some rotisserie chicken. Dishes like that are flexible in what you can add to fill it out & I do think all that cheese might be a bit too rich by itself.

But that's a story for another time.

I'm not sure I actually have a pot big enough for the amount of rice I'll need to make. Didn't think about that part!
3rd-Oct-2019 02:19 pm - Maple Leaf Rag, by Scott Joplin
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My love of music is second only to my love of books, and it's a close thing. I'm restraining myself here, but I've stumbled across a string of ragtime & boogie woogie tunes that are great, and that led to some steel drum stuff, and that to...well. It ended up with Music Box Dancer accompanied by a very cool drummer...so far.

Maple Leaf Rag is my favorite Joplin tune. The first version is a more traditional classical approach, while the second is an energetic Nawleans style band. I think they both have their own appeal.

30th-Sep-2019 10:13 pm - I meant to catch up posting today
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as I woke up feeling fairly good after a very busy, hectic last 3 days. I went out to a nice, early breakfast, garden nursery, came home to listen to music, do laundry, etc...

took a nap that was meant to be just a couple of hours & it turned into one of those can't drag myself fully awake, can't really fall asleep pillow drownings. Woke up about 5 hours later (!!!), not feeling rested in the slightest & stumbling around. Great. Who's gonna sleep tonight? Won't be me!

I burned my finger on a rotisserie skewer on Friday. Thanks to repeated dowsing with peroxide, it's healing faster than it would have & the pain is easing. I kept whacking my hand on things-of course it's on my right hand-and that wasn't helpful, no.

I've been thinking about posting my book reads again. I'm grateful to the 50bookchallenge comm at lj, it helped get me reading again years ago when I was struggling. It's another way to make myself reach out for positive contact, too-you never know who might like a rec, & I love passing on things for people to enjoy. Book blogging as self care? I think so! One of my favorite things to do on a day off is go to literary twitter & romp around. :D
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I've never had them before, but pansies & similar are very popular autumn & winter flowers around here, so I'm willing to try. It's weird going to the nursery & seeing all of the mums & seasonal things in when it's still so hot out, but...it's nearly October. 0.0

I got one called Black Delight. It looks black in the sun but when you see it in shade, it's a deep royal purple, velvety & lush. I managed to plant it by the next day, which is atypical-the poor things usually end up languishing for a week or ummm...croaking, aha oops.

I liked that one so much I went back & got another one called Lavender Ice. It's a pale lavender with a dusty sheen, almost smoky.

I also picked up one for my elderly neighbor lady downstairs who I randomly exchange plants with. She gave me a pink Gerber daisy earlier this year that's still alive (!) & bloomed for me nicely 3 times. She's putting out her autumn stuff so I think she'll like this. Haven't seen her today, but I left it in with her planters & she'll know it was from me.

I might end up having to put them both in my bedroom window. My balcony gets morning to noon sun, while my window gets noon to late afternoon. I'll have to watch them. And get another pot!

The last batch of flowers I bought were some dianthus I ended up taking to my dad because I didn't have pots or enough soil & yes, it was easier driving them 2 hours away than going to Walmart. #lmao Well, he was pleased with them so that's all right.

I'm counting this is my good thing for yesterday & today: increasing my little garden. Makes me happy & we're making oxygen, win/win. :D
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but at "make the bechemel sauce" I said welp, I'm tired already. So. I WILL be cooking something, but not that. Too many steps makes me want to nap. #lmao

Throwing chicken in the crock pot with gravy on it is always a classic. I've been thinking of red beans & rice for a while now, but I'd have to shop. If I manage a trip to the library I might be able to make a swing by the store on the way home, but then I'd probably end up with something else entirely & missing a vital ingredient.

Or not. I like going out & being waited on. It's a way to socialize in a friendly atmosphere & I can leave when I want. Plus, no dishes to clean...that's a win. I hate cleaning up after cooking, the place looks like I did battle & I'm only cooking for one. 0.0

Oh! I did cook for my dad a couple of times recently. My brother has a new job so his availability has changed-he normally does most of their meals. I made baked spaghetti with sauteed veggies on the side once; and then chicken quesadillas, black beans & rice, with a big salad & lots of dipping sauces. I was so proud of myself. But Dad doesn't really want me to cook when I'm there-he's used to my brother's method, which is banging around in the kitchen all day, getting mad & tired but refusing to sit down or rest or eat. He wants me to have a nice time while I'm there instead. Just wait. Next time, I'll turn up with whatever I want already made & he'll have to eat it. #MWAHAHA

That's been one of the biggest changes in my life over the last few years, the discovery that I do enjoy cooking & can actually...make good food. Food that other people like, not just me. At work, when they see me coming with a container in my hands they all perk up. Last time I made some dip for a coworker's son's b-day party & their faces fell comically when they realized it wasn't for them. I still have the occasional fiasco, but it doesn't upset me any more. It's a learning experience, & even good cooks make mistakes. If only my twenty-something self could see me now, eh?
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for the first time in a few months. I've been on a down spiral & it's hard to force myself to go out, but it helps.

It's a pretty park, about the size of maybe 2 city blocks long & wide, with a surprising amount of wildlife that lives there. Squirrels of course, birds of all kinds, bees & butterflies...I've seen a rabbit, a snake, lots of turtles in the little creek-waterfall-pond-fountain complex they have running through the park. Spring is gorgeous there, but generally there's something of interest to look at. Very clever with the use of evergreens, grasses & ornamentals.

It's also one of the few parks I know of that's not for sports or with playground equipment. Just nice walking paths with lots of benches & bench swings to sit on. So I walked around, took some photos (most of which are probably blurry because focusing is not my thing, apparently), & then sat & read for a while.

It was nice. Peaceful. The little Victory Garden they have is a riot of flowers. Victory, indeed!
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Sometimes that's the victory.
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